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BuilderNorb, General Contractor
Category: Home Improvement
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My MVP All Star garage door opener stops at the half way up

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My MVP All Star garage door opener stops at the half way up position. I have watched from the inside to see what is happening and it appears due to sag in the chain on the left side of the T rail( as you facing the door on the inside, the chain that is moving towards the door) the stop on the chain hits the coupler on the T rail that is moving towards the opener and stops it dead. How do you readjust the chain or the tension on the chain to bring it above the coupler so that it can move past the stop? I have a second door opener of the same model and notice that it moves above the coupler and clears the stop.

BuilderNorb :

The chain adjustment is located by the door header bracket. It should be a threaded rod that runs through a bent tab. Proper chain sag is @ 1/2" from bottom of rail at max sag point.

BuilderNorb :

This sag is measured by having the system in the fully closed position. On the chain adjustment bracket, loosen the jam nut on the threaded pin that is attached to end of the opener chain while holding the other tensioning nut steady. Adjust tension when loosened, making sure that chain doesn't twist, then retighten jam nut.


I found the threaded rod and tightened the chain to where it was sagging about 1/2" below the bottom of the rail to just above the bottom of the rail. Now when I open the door it still clips the header bracket but continues to open but when I go to close the door it stops as soon as I take my finger off of the down button with a jerk. I push it again and it stops as soon as I take my finger off. etc. I don't think that I fixed it

BuilderNorb :

Improperly mounted header Brackets, spring tension, door/track alignment, sensitivity and force settings may all contribute to the operator not working properly. The entire system may need adjustment. If there is anything further, please ask!!

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