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I noticed all these posts were from 2 years ago. I am building

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I noticed all these posts were from 2 years ago.

I am building a new home with about 100 windows mostly casement and 4 sets of French doors

Any thoughts about Anderson 400 series today and Weather shield new Aspire and Signature line?

I was going to go with the 400 series but after looking at Weather Shield I am not so sure.

The weather shield seem very nice and appeared even better in many ways and less money? The signature series is aluminum and was about same price as Anderson's 400 series. the Aspire is vinyl and is much less expensive then Andersons 400 series which is vinyl.

I know Anderson has great support, has Weather Shield gotten better?
hello there

the vinyl aspire windows are just as good as the Andersen 400 series and the weather proofing on them is just as good as the Andersen windows 400 series also the aspire is maintenance free and you will save on installation as well as energy cost and the aspire will last you a lifetime if installed properly and correctly I have used these on many projects with no call backs are maintenance problems they're just as beautiful as the 400 series and you will save a couple of thousand dollars.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Have you used or worked with the signature series and feeling about them?


What is the main difference between vinyl and aluminum? i.e. Aspire and signature from Weather shield and Anderson 400 series and Architectural? is their any performance difference or just that aluminum vs Vinyl?


How is the fade rate with Vinyl vs Aluminum. we are going with a darker color Teratone and my understanding it I think Weather Shield may have had a problem with this fading quickly?


Thank you


hello again

the vinyl is much better products and its maintenance-free if it gets dirty are any dirt on it it's easier to clean then aluminum also the vinyl won't discolor as fast as the aluminum. when the aluminum starts to discolor it will get white salty like deposits that will eat through the aluminum and will need to be repaired and or replaced
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