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How do I get rid of potpourri stain on wood? I had some potpourri

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How do I get rid of potpourri stain on wood? I had some potpourri in an envelope on a wood table. When I picked up the envelope, it let a dull finish where the envelope had been sitting.
Hello and welcome. Potpourri can be a lot of compound, do you know what was in it? Usually they contain dry oily plant to produce the aroma. What kind of wood is that (plain natural, varnish of any type, wax)?

Was it let out of the envelope at any time? Did it let a particular coloration on the table or the envelope? Was the envelope sticked to the table when you took it back?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It was a seascape potpourri. The envelope was stuck to the table. You can see the outline of the envelope and it is very dull. The table is varnished.

I think it is more a humidity transfer than a stain (especially easy to happen with varnish). If the envelope was just sticky on the table an not "glued", it mean that no paper was left into the varnish. The texture you feel is like if the paper texture molded into the humidity-soft varnish.

What you can attempt is to wait some days for the varnish to return to the normal humidity and polish it with a fine cotton piece. Using a rotating tool (for speed) could work well as you don't want to spread the varnish around too far, just flatten the texture like it was before.

If it disappear that way but still feel weird to the touch, you could polish the whole table with a furniture polish to give it an even coating again.
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