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I have a fireplace I am removing it has a concrete hearth that

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I have a fireplace I am removing it has a concrete hearth that is about 4 inchs high resting on a raised wooden platform. This was build in the early 60s. I removed the surrounding brick and the limestone slabs that were resting on the concrete. the concrete is has the 4in by 5ft borders on the edge when it was filled. Should I be concerned about how I break that Concrete up. Also kind of odd I see balled up newspaper underneath that
platform like filler? seems weird to me.
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No special concerns about busting up the concrete for the hearth. Just don't get too aggressive. You don't want to damage the surrounding framing but this isn't too likely. The balled up newspaper was used to plugs any holes in the framing (or form) so the concrete wouldn't "leak" out whenit was poured. The hearth should not be a part of the structure (wood frame)of the house. The headed off floor joist just act as a sor tof form for the hearth concrete pour
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