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There is a weird thing in the corner of the bedroom of the

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There is a weird thing in the corner of the bedroom of the apartment i just moved in. A mold or fungus maybe?? Im wondering if its safe to clean and what it is?


Hello. This really look like a a mushroom. Probably living from rotten wood or accumulated dust in a damp corner. Any mushroom spores are toxic in a place closed like an apartment. I can't identify that one exactly (there is thousand of those). Those i usually see have a different shapes but pretty much take place in spot like that.

If this is a wall in a basement it could come from a damp floor and if an external wall, it may mean that water infiltrate from that region or above.

What you should do it to keep some windows open for aeration and ask your landlord to call an air quality inspector and a professional cleaning company. They will have to remove the carpet in that area and the wood seen in the picture to see if the mycelium reach much more further. Don't remove it until the landlord see it. I would take the opportunity to have him install a new non-carpet floor because that one is obviously unsafe.

They may have to wash the entire wood structure with special fungicide liquid or in advanced case, redo the whole floor and wall section.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So is it safe to sleep in another room with the windows open? Appreciate the help, excellent rating coming after this. thanks

It is hard to say 100% safe without being able to perform an analysis of the air, but opening the windows should help a lot. That particular mushroom reached the spore release stage, but nothing prevent other variety (like normal mold) to be present in great quantity or other mushroom under the wall that can release spore trough cracks.

If you open the windows and act quickly to remedy the situation it will save you some hotel cost for sure.
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