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The angle joint on the corner of our arborite counter top is

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The angle joint on the corner of our arborite counter top is lifting slightly. Can this be repaired? Can it be pressed down using a hot iron? There isn't sufficient lifting in order to put in new glue
Welcome to Just Answer!

Attempts to repair slight defects such as what you are describing can often cause them to get worse, especially with the application of heat. Heat causes the material to expand, and often warp making the problem much worse.

It is important however to keep water out of the joint. I have used a hypodermic needle in the past to inject separations like that with clear epoxy. not with the intent of securing them as much as to seal the seam to keep water out.

You can place scotch tape over each side of the seam in question, press it down tight so only the open part of the seam is exposed... use the point of a single edge razor blade to clean out the seam....then use a clear epoxy over the seam... use the single edged razor blade to remove any excess by scraping it flat along the seam.... then when the epoxy sets, remove the tape.

Use the razor blade over the finished seam to remove any high spots. You are looking to deposit the barest minimum of epoxy to fill the seam... a very minimal approach.. any epoxy that spreads beyond the seam will make the area look *worse.


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