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Dovetail Greene
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I have wood rot on one side of my home underneath shingles

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I have wood rot on one side of my home underneath shingles and trim board as a result of poorly installed flashing and poor carpentry by roof peaks and valleys on a nine year old home. The builder has a 30 year warranty which covers defects in workmanship or materials which affect load-bearing portions of the home.

Where are load-bearing portions of a home?


My name's Kel.


Usually those warranties are concerned with major structural elements such as the foundation, column footings, columns and beams.


Depending the way the warranty is worded it might include beams over internal openings.


Could also include the structural element over windows jut below a roof.


In a roof the decking and framing resist the wind, snow and rain loads, so they are load bearing elements.


You refer to peaks and valleys --

the structural element that the rafters connect to would be a secondary structural element with the rafters being a tertiary element.


Here's the problem in answering your question definitively :

you've got three different professions intersecting --

engineering, building and legal.

They all use these terms differently.

That's why it's crucial to look at your warranty.


Do you have a copy of it at hand?


Have I answered your question?

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