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Brian, Architect
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I am converting a single story ranch home garage into a bedroom.

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I am converting a single story ranch home garage into a bedroom. What do you recommend for removing the garage door and raising the foundation wall to prevent water infiltration into the finished space?
Also, what do you recommend for eliminating the smells of a typical garage. Grass, fuel, oil etc.
The walls are cinder block to the ceiling, the floor in concrete.
Thank you for your assistance

Hi and thanks for using our service! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do whatever I possibly can to give you the most accurate answer.

If there is a sloped apron at the door, that prevents water from coming under the door, I would remove the door and just build a wood framed wall in the opening. Use pressure treated sill plate and flash the outside plywood sheathing with metal flashing at the bottom. The metal flashing should cover at least 6 inches of the bottom of the plywood and slip into a gap between the garage floor slab and the apron. If there is no existing gap, I would sawcut one in; this will keep the water out.

Painting the block walls and the floor should seal any smells. If you install furring on the block walls and the drywall, that will help seal the smells as well. Also, installing a floor such as carpet will help seal smells as well.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks. If I use 2x6 studs how would I finish the exterior wall to match the existing stucco. Please give me the layers I would need from studs out to finished stucco.
You would install the studs and then 1/2 inch exterior plywood sheathing. I believe older stucco had wire lath over felt paper on top of the plywood. Todays stucco usually gets installed over rigid foam. The stucco may be a little difficult to match but a professional could probably get it close. You also need to pay attention to where the new stucco meets the existing; it may not be possible because it could crack. A transition piece may have to be installed; a professional installer would know more about that. I haven't worked with stucco much so I don't know all the latest things that can be done with it.

Another option is to finish that area with a different material but it may look odd (like a garage door that was covered up).
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