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Martin, Electrical Engineer
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in trying to start up my MANTIS 4 cycle cultivator, the start

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in trying to start up my MANTIS 4 cycle cultivator, the start cord went back into the housing. Now it won't let me pull it again. WHAT CAN i DO?
Hello and welcome. That sound like you broken the cord. I never worked on that particular model but most of the time you can unscrew a plate and have access to it. It may be behind a decorative casing. It should not be more different than on the honda lawnmower i do.

Measure the cord that was in it and add that to the length that stayed in your hand. You can then go at a hardware store with a part of the rope at a place doing mini mechanic and they will give you the right type.

Just ask me if you need any other details.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The cord did not break. The pull handle is still connected to the cord but the cord will not pull from the housing.

hummm. If it was working just the pull before it can't be a piston problem. I assume the cable may have pinched somewhere. This is really the kind of thing that we can't escape doing a disassembly. If the spring is not tight enough it is possible for a cable to twist on itself and then can't pass in some hole or guide.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm not thrilled with getting involved with disassembly of this item. I'll have to take it to a qualified repair center.

Sorry about that.

One time i was not available to help my mother about a similar issue. She got it to small repair shop (the smaller the better). They charged just 2$ and did not charge for the cable :) It really is not something complicated. You will not get a big $200 bill from that kind of problem if this is what you fear.

You are lucky to have such a still machine, my big troybilt is a pain to carry around.
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