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backer board already installed and mudded but wall is unev

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backer board already installed and mudded but wall is uneven


My name's Kel.


Did you apply the backer directly to studs?

Did you check the studs for plumb and true before you installed the backer?

when you say mudded --

do you mean a coat of thinset was applied over mesh tape on the joints?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes i applied hardie backer directly to studs. They were out of plumb but could not shim because it would have put me out past existing drywall. As for mudding I used a high quality tape and thinset. Very concerned tile job will come out bad. Can i back butter tiles in various thickness to compensate for low spots and out of level. And if so how? Im freaking out haha...... Thank You


This's amazing.

I've tried to answer you two times.

Hopefully the third times the charm.

The JA website doesn't seem to be working tonight.


Use a straight edge like a four foot level to determine the low spots.

Fill with thinset and feather.


Use an angle grinder with a diamond wheel to knock down any high spots.


You back butter tiles to make up the different.

You'll need spacers to support the tile while the thinset dries.


Use the least amount of thinset on the high spots.


Does this make sense?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

That does make sense but what do you do if a low spot is a large portion of a wall. its probably 1/4" to 5/16" at its lowest points. Do I need a thicker mortar for example for stone and marble. What would be a good tool to evenly spread mortar over a larger surface.

You can use either a 12" plaster trowel or a 12" drywall knife.

You can use thinset to fill.

Make it on the stiff side so it won't sag.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok great last question as for using an angle grinder, if i used half inch hardie backer can i take a heavy eighth off by the lip of the shower pan where it overlaps the shower pan lip anyways. And can i use a cheap dust mask for the little work ill be doing or is it crucial to get i respirator mask. Thanks again

You can take a heavy 1/8 off.


I always use a respirator.

Use the heavier type of paper mask if you go that way.

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