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Dovetail Greene
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I suddenly (started a week ago) have a gas and exhaust odor

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I suddenly (started a week ago) have a gas and exhaust odor in my living room obviously coming from garage. I have checked and there is no visible cracks on either side of the concrete block wall separating them. Could it be coming in thru the electrical outlets in the shared sides of the wall? And if so, what do I do?


My name's Kel.


The exhaust could definitely be flowing via the outlet.

Turn off the power. Remove the plate. Unscrew the outlet. Pull it out. Caulk all holes. Caulk around the perimeter to seal between box and block. Do both outlets.


You should also check the weatherstripping on the door to the house. Is the door pulling up tight to it? Is it cracked? Are their gaps?


How's the seal between the bottom of the door and threshold? It may need to be adjusted because of wear or replaced.


Is there a ceiling with an access to an attic? The hatch will need to be weatherstripped.


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Hello Laura. This's Kel checking in to see if the odor problem's been solved. . .