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Does a door need to have a door stop on all 4 sides? Or can

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Does a door need to have a door stop on all 4 sides? Or can it have a door stop on just the top and bottom. In addition, can you attach the weather gasket to the door itself? Specifically, can you attach the gasket on the hinge side of the door so that its compressed inside against the jamb and the door?
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I suppose you could just apply the stops to top and bottom. There is nothing in the codes saying that you can't. I think there is a higher potential for leaks with wind blown rain, especially on the latch side, where it will be harder to weatherstrip without the stop. There is also a potential of the door warping over time without the side stops keeping it straight. This may effect the latch if the door warps.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This is for a container not an entry door. Also, the other part of the question is if a seal should be place on the hinge side of the door as opposed to being attached to the door stop itself. Since the left and right side wont have a door stop.

yes, the seal can either be on the door or the stop. It will work either way.
the seal just can't be too thick so that the door can't close.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm looking for a more detailed explanation in terms of placement of the gasket; (pros and cons of where it should go) and why its customary to place it on the door stop, and how the size of the gasket effects the doors closing and sealing relative to the jamb and door gap, and bevel angle. I think my original question was to broad.

The seal is typically on the stop because it is a protected area and less likely to get abuse. The door closes and when latched, compresses the seal against the stop; the stop provides the resistance needed allowing the latched door to compress the seal tightly. Without any stops the only place that could be sealed is where the hinged side meets the jamb, because it becomes a tight gap when the door is closed. It will be hard to to get any seal on the latch side, if you don't have a stop there. The seal needs to be flexible enough and not too thick so that the door can properly close while providing a proper seal.