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Further to my earlier roofing query but new question.... Would

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Further to my earlier roofing query but new question.... Would it be possible to send you a link to a property and possibly a pdf of the survey done for you to glance at for your opinion (do they give you an email with this site for site usage only)? The home is in Maine and I would like your overall opinion on the price based on condition and acreage and location. I love the home and the setting (has 4 acres, a pond, a stream, 2 cool old barns, but an old lady lived there with her husband who died over ten years ago, she died after a lengthy stay in a nursing home so they home has critters in it (so I am told). The home has sat empty and the estate agent states to stay at it at present would be like camping. It has a well, no heating system, has some sort of sewer issue, probably all the basics are problematic. The estate agent said every portion of the home needs to be touched. I guess based on what I send you, if you were buying it what sort of price would you offer after seeing listing price and roughly how much do you need to set aside monetarily to do basics to make it livable (just the fundamentals like roof/sewer/etc). I am okay with the old timey look, I love the old covered well out front, love the old floors, the old kitchen is cool - I used to sell antiques so this is all good. I am just interested in making it warm and dry. He also said the windows rattle and when I asked about the shingles he mentioned something like you could tear off the L shape of the house and just leave the primary cape (!). I wouldn't want to do that as I want to restore and salvage what I can. I want to buy this, but am not sure I can afford it as I will be working totally with cash, no loans. I understand some things you cannot answer but your expert opinion would be valued as I am sure you have dealt with this sort of thing regularly and you seem to be local to the east coast. In conclusion, I love old stuff, love the old barn, the old look, I just want it to be solid, warm and sensible. I can add flashy stuff later. For example I would like a boiler system heated by the fireplace and maybe an Aga for same purpose. I sort of need a fatherly expert opinion as to whether it is even feasible as an expat returning to the US from Ireland, starting over there, but sort of in love with this old cape. Please don't be grumpy with all my queries, my dad is deceased so I cannot ask him!!
Welcome, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my best to help you with your issue

No worries I'm here to answer your questions as best I can. However my responses can only be very broad and general since I can't actually inspect the property. One positive is that you can have the property inspected before you sign a purchase and sale agreement. I believe this is mandatory in Maine (I live in NH). Of course it would be best to have a local contractor make an assessment before you make an offer. I'm sorry but we are not allowed to receive email directly. You could send an email to customer service and they could forward it to me but it usually takes a while. As far as a value/price offer assessment it would be necessary for you to provide the address and location. If the house is listed on MLS I should be able to find the listing.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Here is the mls number(NNN) NNN-NNNN(grey cape sitting on hill). Good to know having a local contractor assess is a good ideas as I have asked the agent to please find someone to do this for me. Anything you have to offer would be appreciated. Also as you are in NH, and it has no income or sales tax, lower unemployment, do you feel it is a better state to reside than Maine?

I still need an address. As far as NH vs ME it depends on what you plan to do for work. If you can work from home and all you need is an interenet connection then it doesn't matter which State you choose. The tax burden is lower in NH but the cost of Real Estate is high in the Southern part of the State (where the jobs are). Up North property is generally cheaper but there are fewer jobs much like rural ME. I'm leaving for a while and I'll answer any follow ups when I get back
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

if you google the mls number i gave you it comes up. googles mls(NNN) NNN-NNNN and it should come right up.

Ok, we vacation in this area so I'm a bit familiar with it. The price has been heavily discounted on this house. It was on the market a year ago for $199,000 so I doubt there is much room to negotiate down (not that you shouldn't try). This town is about a 30+ minute drive to Brunswick, a college town (Bowdoin college), and within 15-20 minutes of Bath, a nice small town with the huge Bath shipyard, so it's not in the middle of nowhere.

It looks like it has hot water baseboard heat so assuming the system was drained all you probably need is a new boiler. Here are some likely costs

New boiler $7-8,000
New septic system $15-20,000
New roof $5-10,000

Possible expenses
all new water piping $3-4,000 OR repair possible broken pipes $1-2,000 (maybe neither is necessary)

Insulation (a real good idea if there isn't any) $3-5,000

New well $10,000 or maybe just a new pump $1-4,000

That's about all I can come up with from listing pictures and your description.
So if you can afford $100,000 (assuming you can't get them to reduce the price) then it's worth pursuing. It's a real nice area and you're also within about 15-20 minutes of the coast. Of course I'm also assuming you have some form of income when you get here. While Brunswick & Bath are decent sized city/towns they've lost a lot of jobs recently from the Naval air station in Brunswick closing and cutbacks in ship building.

Rick and other Home Improvement Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This was excellent. FYI I may have a few more questions like this one for a few other properties as they come up. All new questions though.

Anything I can do to help is what I'm here for. Good luck