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My garage door takes three time the effort (70 pounds effort)

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My garage door takes three time the effort (70 pounds effort) to open the first time in the morning. The door opener jerks loudly when it opens the first time. The rest of the day it is easy (20 pounds effort) and opens quietly. The rollers are all new nylon rollers and the track is clean and lubed with silicone spray. None of the rollers bind and the track appears straight. The bottom seal is new and the door is adjusted so the seal just meets the floor. The springs appear good because the door will, with the opener disconnected, stop at any point in the length of travel. I am stumped.
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I would take the cover off the motor unit after you unplug it. Look inside for any worn parts. You may have a stripped coupler assembly which grabs the screw drive and rolls it back and forth to raise and lower the door.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

As I stated previously, it takes 70+ pounds of effort to lift the door manually the first time in the morning. After that it takes 20 pounds of effort to lift the door manually. The opener operates fine. The amount of effort to lift the door after it has been closed overnight is the problem.

Yeah, I understand it is a weird situation you have. My guess is that something is settling or maybe lubrication is cooling off when it sits overnight and thickening up. I would definitely have a look inside the opener. Even operate it with the cover off in the morning and later in the day to see if you can see anything different that is happening.

Initially your problem sounded like a definite spring problem, but if you are sure that the spring(s) is working fine, we will leave that alone.
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You have ruled out many things with your great explanation of all the things you have tried. I really think it is something inside the motor unit.

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