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Dovetail Greene
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Can you please guide me on how to build steps on a slope to

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Can you please guide me on how to build steps on a slope to get to my garden? Garden is about 10 feet below main level and i would like to build steps using 6X6 solid wood. I have been trying find the right instructions to do so, but just could not. Please let me know.



My name's Kel.


Do you know the exact change in vertical height from the lowest to highest step?


Are there any length constraints -- that is -- a space the steps must fit in?


Are there any hard surfaces like concrete that you're incorporating into your steps?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I do not know the exact height but it is around 12-15 feed.

Length constraints - 2-3 feet is fine.

I was not planning to incorporate any hard surfaces.

When you type 2-3 feet is fine -- I'm guessing that's the width.


I'm wondering about the run -- that's the total length. Are there fixed objects at the beginning or end that need to be accommodated?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yea i was referring to the width of the steps.


I was referring to these type of steps -


If i could get step by step instruction or better instruction than mentioned in the article above. There are no fixed objects.

Thanks for the link.
I'm familiar with these kind of steps.
Can you build the 6x6 stairs in the U shape?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am not sure how to build them. that is exactly what i wanted to know. the tools required and the bolts etc.


I believe once i know how to build a U-shaped stairs, I should place the steps starting from the bottom? Also, what goes into the steps to fill in and that will not get eroded.

I can't believe it.

I just wrote you a lengthy answer to your question and the system lost it.


To answer your first question.

If your finish wide is going to be 36" -- cut the 6x6 to thirty six inches. Then cut two side pieces 24" long. Cut a treated 2x6 25" long.

Use hot dipped galvanized carriage bolts to attach the 36" long front piece to the side piece. You'll need a 8" carriage bolt. 5/16" diameter

Drill a pilot hole with a 1/4" bit. Get a long shank paddle bit to reach through the 6x6.


Measure back from the front edge of the 6x6 along the sides and put a mark at 12".

Attach the 2x6 to the 6x6 so it forms a 5 1/2" deep enclosure.


Does this make sense?

What other questions do you have?

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Hello. This's Kel checking in to see how your stair project's going. . .

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