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When I replaced the Logic board in my Liftmaster 2565 garage

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When I replaced the Logic board in my Liftmaster 2565 garage door opener, the wiring on the new one is not the same as the old one, i.e., the old terminal has 2 red, 4 white and two gray receptacles and the new one has one red, two white and one gray receptacle so I was instructed to twist the two of each together. All of the code numbers on the new components match the old one. Compounding the problem is my wires are not color coded, except they are all white, but two sets of wires have a red line along one side of each, the third set is all white on both sides. I assume two wires come from the wall mounted control and the other four come from the two sensors. I've tried different combinations and can't get the opener to work, it acts like it wants to, then stops & the light blinks on all of my remotes. How do I know which wires go to which terminal block?

Welcome. My name is XXXXX XXXXX would be glad to assist.

1. Are the wires to the wall button and door sensors 2 wires joined together, similar to lamp cords?

2. If so, look real hard at them and see if one side does not have a small stripe, either red or black.

3. Can you follow the wires to the wall button to separate them from the sensor wires?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

#1: Yes on all three

#2: The wall control wires are white on both sides, but the sensor wires have a red stripe on one side for both set of wires.

#3: Yes, I can follow them to the wall control, white on both sides.

Ok, thanks.

As long as you can follow the wall wires back to the opener, you can separate them, so no colors are needed.

The wall wires should connect to the Red and the Left white terminal.
Either one to either terminal

The photo eyes, connect the same color from each eye together, then connect one set to the right white terminal and the other set to the gray terminal.

Just reply after connection and test.
Make sure that the photo eyes have lights illuminated and you may have to reprogram any remotes . (hard to say at this time)

CLICK HERE for a little diagram
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I can't get the photo eyes to light no matter what I do. I swapped the wires & loosened the photo eyes & moved them around to see if I could get them to light. I also swapped the wall control wires. The only way it works is if I hold the wall control switch down until the door closes or opens.

Something has happened to the eyes. At least one should have a light when wired like the posting.

Be sure the wires are exactly like the diagram.
If they are any other way you can damage the photo eyes.

Look at the wires right at the eyes for any scraping or bare copper showing.
Make sure the copper is in the terminal good?

Without the eyes, the door will not work properly.

Why was the logic board changed?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

There was nothing wrong with the eyes before I changed the panel. The reason I got the new panel was because the door would sometimes stop before closing or opening all the way. I then bought new sensors and a new control box. It worked fine for a while, then I had the same problem so figured if must be the panel which I just now replaced as a last resort.


The original photo eyes, had one with a Orange Light and one that would be green when the eyes are aligned.

So, if the wiring is in the terminal and making contact, along with the wires being good from the opener to the eyes, the only item is left if the eyes themselves.

Since there is no way to test them, it is always a process of elimination.

1. Are the sensors wired as per the diagram posted?

2. Are the wires in the terminal at the opener making good contact?

3. Are the wires good all the way to the eyes?

4. Are the wires connected to the eyes at the door side good?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The connections are all good. The only thing I can think of from what you said is that I damaged the sensors when I had the wrong connections to the terminal?? Should I get new sensors?

Well, I would do one check before calling the sensors bad.

First, do this:


Swap the location of the wires on the eyes at the opener.

Put the 2 with the red stripe on the gray terminal, and the 2 with all white on the white terminal.


If that does not correct the situation, then:

If you can:

Get a very short cable for each eye.

Connect the cables to the eyes and then get on a ladder and connect them to the opener right at the opener.

This will verify that it is the eyes and not any of the wiring.

One should light up immediately.
The other one will light up when in direct line of the other one just like at the door area.
When aligned the receiving eye lights up.
The sending eye is always lit when wired and power on the opener unless it is bad.

That is how we test them in field.

If they test good, then you know something happened to the wires between the opener and the bottom of the door area.

Otherwise, I would call them bad, as the board is brand new and hard to believe it has an issue.

I do not know the replacements you purchased on the opener before, so I cannot speak to their compatibility, but would think if they worked, they certainly would work with the new board since the board is the correct one.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK, the two car remotes & the wall control work, but when I program the keyless pad, it opens and closes as soon as I hit either the *, 0 or # XXXXX the keypad. It has no "enter" button, just the 10 digits and the * and # XXXXX

Ok, thanks.

Almost everything is working, that is good news.

I am confused on the keypad, as the manual only shows a keypad with the Enter button on the door opener.

Is it a replacement that was installed?

What is the make and model?

CLICK HERE for the manual Page 32 has the keyless entry
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Never mind-it works fine. I was too impatient in that when the door is opening or closing, if you hit any button on the keypad, the door reverses when the lights on the keypad are lit. All works fine now. Thanks so much for your help!

Excellent, great work.

Was getting concerned a little when all else was working now.

Glad to assist, you are most welcome.
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