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How to plant grass seed? How do I kill purslane?

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This is regarding lawn care. I have an overgrowth of purslane. I am getting ready to put down about 10 yards of dirt to correct some drainage issues in the yard and around the foundation. I'll be feathering dirt over top the purslane and will need to plant grass seed. How do I kill the purslane without retarding the growth of the new grass seed? Should I put vegetation killer on the purslane, then the dirt, and then the grass seed? I need to get all this work done quickly and cannot wait for weeks in between a purslane weed treatment and planting new grass.

Vegetation killer will only put the problem in the future. The seed can last 40 years in the soil. Putting dirt on top will reduce the temperature and seed will stay dormant if tick enough and if you are not located in a too hot place. But, bird and worm will eventually mix the soil and seed will come back up. I usually use plastic tarp to kill weed, this take some weeks. Because of the nature of the seeds i would not even bother. The best practice with any weed is to make sure the grass is healthy and not mow too low. The grass should displace the purslane over time. That weed will win over grass when soil is compacted. Tilling the soil is not a good idea because the purslane will multiply like mad. It is best to let the earthworm do the job and keep the organic matter on the grass (not picking up the cut grass). Did you know that the plant is edible? If you like vegetable a lot and don't have a too big surface of grass to clean you can control it by eating it.

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