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Hello my husband and I are looking to buy this old 1900 Cape

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Hello my husband and I are looking to buy this old 1900 Cape style home. The roof looks bad and we were wondering what an average estimate is for a new roof of an 850 sq ft home? Here is an image of the home We haven't seen the home in person yet as it is in the US and we are in Ireland. We are trying to see how it might affect what we can offer on it. How about metal roofs (like a cool red or blue color)? Are they economical but very good compared to asphalt shingle for example?
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Metal roofs are about twice as expensive as asphalt shingle roofs but will last 50+ years as opposed to maybe 20 for an asphalt roof. Typical costs for roofing only are ~$3 per square foot for shingles and about $6 for metal. Stripping the roof can run $1-$2 per foot to strip and dispose of the old shingles and you will probably have rotten sections of the roof sheathing which will need to be replaced. New sheathing costs can't be predicted with any accuracy certainly not from a picture. I would figure at least $4-5000 for roof with asphalt and twice that much for metal replacement sight unseen.
These prices are typical in the Boston area. Costs do vary around the country.

I have been called away. I'll respond to any follow up questions when I return. If I have answered your question sufficiently I'd appreciate positive feedback
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sorry just a quickie, when you say roughly to allow 4-5 with asphalt does that include the stripping and sheathing at all? I am thinking it does not as I understand sheathing cannot be seen until stripped. So about 10 for a metal roof. What are your thoughts on metal roofs in a Maine climate a mile or so from the sea? What do most cape homes have on their roofs? What are other good options? Slate, wood?

It includes stripping but no sheathing. You're right no way to tell until the roof is stripped what if any sheathing needs to be replaced. Metal is the best choice for Maine winters. Slate is prohibitively expensive an out of place on a Cape. Cedar shakes are comparable in price to metal and don't last as long. I would avoid a cedar roof on a house like this.
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