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Painting a aluminum shower frame. I want to change the color

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Painting a aluminum shower frame.
I want to change the color from gold to oil rubbed bronze.
Trying to save$ by painting the frame myself.
Is it possible, and will it last?
Or should I just pay the locals $1000?
Good morning.
My name's Kel.

I just need a little clarification.
Are the locals going to paint the frame or remove it, prep it and refinish it?

Oil rubbed bronze is a multi-step process that begins with plating the base finish then adding several coats of various chemicals over that. The plating and layering provide the complexity and depth.

Complete refinish would definitely be priced in that neighborhood.

You could paint the frame yourself, but it wouldn't be ORB.
A paint store could make up a blackish brown paint.

The preferred prep would be an acid etch to get the paint to stick. But even with careful masking it's likely some detail would get discolored.

So use 600 grit emery paper to degloss the entire surface.
Then mask off all surfaces.
Use a metal primer.
Then your finish coat.

Even with the best technique it's still likely the paint will wear off quickly around the latch. . .

Have I answered your questions?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm putting new tile in so I took my aluminum frame off.

I can either paint it myself and put it back together, or

use a contractor to put in a new one. a contractor would charge $1000 to $1500 to put a new one in.

But I don't want to paint it if its not going to work.

I have all the old aluminum pieces in gold, and I want to paint it the oil rubbed look. home depot has a spray that will work.

The product from HD will be somewhat of a simulation of ORB.

And there's still going to be the wear issue.


Anyone who can disassemble a shower frame and install tile can install a shower frame.


Would this work --

Buy a new shower enclosure in ORB and install it yourself?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Oil Rubbed Bronze.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

SO are you saying I should go out and buy ORB aluminum and replace the gold aluminum?


And install it yourself.

The directions are usually good to excellent.

And most manufacturers have customer support to help with install.

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