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For a house built in 1989 did the builder have to use lentils? We

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For a house built in 1989 did the builder have to use lentils?
We are currently trying to sell our house and an inspector for the buyers discovered that our house doesn't have any lentils.
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Yes, lintels are used for supporting loads. They are typically steel angles that hold up brick or stone. Sometimes people misuse the word "lintels" when they are actually referring to headers that support loads over windows and doors. It is highly unlikely that you are missing any of these since they are needed to adequately support loads; without them things would be sagging or falling. Where did he say you were missing them?

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Above the windows on the first floor of a two story brick veneer house. Do wood headers meet code on a house built in 1989? They said we missing them all over the house and my husband and I do not see how our house could have passed inspection without them.

On a brick veneer house, steel lintels are typically used over windows and doors, to hold up the brick veneer. However, there are ways to construct a flat arch without the use of steel lintels and this may be the case.

Behind the brick veneer is a wood stud back up wall and wood headers are typically used over windows and doors to transfer loads in the wood framing above it. Wood headers would have been needed to pass inspection. The wood headers are buried in the finish materials so I'm not sure how the inspector saw them unless you have some exposed framing.

If you could upload some pictures here, it would be very helpful to see what is going on.
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