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Dovetail Greene
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Hi. We added on a beautiful Florida room. It is air conditioned,

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Hi. We added on a beautiful Florida room. It is air conditioned, but at mid day and on in to the afternoon, the sun beats down on this part of the house and the ac is almost irrelevant when it comes to cooling the room. It is made up mainly of windows and even though there are blinds on the windows we need to do something more.

Is there a window treatment we can put on the glass to curb the heat. And what kind of company would apply it. Thanks a lot.
My name's Kel.

There are several strategies.
You may need to use all of them to make the space comfortable.

You're off to a good start. Google 'Window Tinting' for your area. They can apply interior films that will reduce the amount of energy flowing in. There's a trade-off. The more reflective the film the less optically transparent it is. Hold a number of samples up and look through them to see which is good balance.

Are the windows just on the walls or on the roof as well?
If on the wall awning can be added to shade the windows during the day. they can be powered to either activate by remote or by sensor.

There may not be enough conditioned air reaching the space. Have a HVAC contractor check the sizing of the ductwork. A return air may need to be added or the supply air enlarged.

Have I answered your question?

HVAC = Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
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Hello again Chuck. This's Kel checking in to see how the comfort in the Florida Room project's going. . .