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Hello. What is the best way to protect the gas hoses that run

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Hello. What is the best way to protect the gas hoses that run to our backyard 14k generator which are about 2" off the ground and under a huge maple tree. Thanks!
Hello. Any reason for the height of the hoses? How long is it?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The hoses were put there by the plumber and are 4-5 feet leading to generator. Is there something strange about the height ?
I would simply put them in a steel pipe underground.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Who can I hire to do this? How difficult? How much? What do most people with generators do? Thanks


most of it is buried only comes out 5 feet away from generator

Sorry for the delay, i was quite busy.

That is not a job that require much work, you can always hire a general contractor for around $200 to bury it all the way, but a handyman should do a good well-around job for 50$ + parts. The ideal is to get the hoses to come out of ground just at the generator location and in a secure area from cars, kids, animals and any falling things like trees and branches.

Sometime the solution (not only for the hoses but also for the security of the generators) is to get rid of the tree, especially if this is a silver maple (i personally would not tolerate one of those close to a house as it rot from the inside and can be hazardous). A sugar maple is lot more resistant and can be kept but i would also protect the generator in some manners.

The ideal protection is really to bury the hoses because no economical protection will do better as a tree is so massive that it can destroy a lot of protection contraption and the generator itself if it is in the falling path.

As an occasional arborist, i could advise that if you have doubt about the security of the maple tree, you could call a certified arborist and ask him to perform some weight reduction to that mapple tree if it make you sleep better at night.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks. I think it's a golden maple Could the plumber or electrician do it? What is involved to bury it? Why would the plumber have left so much exposed? Thanks!
Yes a plumber or electrician could. I don't know why he made such a long part exposed. Perhaps there is a big rock just under :). Perhaps it was to allow a possible short distance moving of the generator.

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