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I have an Arrow Revalution touch screen lock, if three people

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I have an Arrow Revalution touch screen lock, if three people enter the code with in a few minutes of each other the lock eill fail to re lock. Is this a faulty lock, adesign of the lock or a programing feature of the lock.

Welcome. My name is XXXXX XXXXX would be glad to assist.

The lock has a re lock time of 30 seconds maximum, and should always re-lock itself after unlocking.

I would do a test:

Have 2 individual entrants. One enters the code and unlocks the door and enters.
Wait for the door to re-lock.

Then the next one enters the code and unlocks the door and enters.
Wait to see if the door re-locks.

Now, after waiting 10 minutes or so.

Do the test again with 2 people.

See if it works properly again with 2 people.

What we are trying to see here, is if the batteries are fairly low.

If batteries are still good but low, what can happen, is the door unlocks and re-locks several times, but at that point there isn't sufficient battery voltage to re-lock again.

After letting batteries wait a while, they tend to get back to the normal voltage.

Testing with 2 people instead of 3 will help to evaluate if the batteries do the same thing in sequential entries of 2 or not.

The unit should re-lock in any situation if there is sufficient battery voltage, so it may very well be a bad lock.

Testing from above should prove or disprove.

If it fails the 2nd time of testing, I would venture to get some fresh batteries.

Those are the only two items to prevent a re-lock, weak batteries or bad unit.

The re-lock maximum time is 30 seconds.

Just reply for any clarification. thanks

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