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Hi, I have a question about my concrete patio. It slopes slightly

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Hi, I have a question about my concrete patio. It slopes slightly towards the house, and there is a ¾ inch gap (about an inch deep to the dirt) between the patio and the foundation of the house where the water would drain. The basement has a sump pump and French drain and I never had any water problems in the 3 years we’ve owned the house. I’m not sure if I should put backer rod down in the crack and fill with a flexible concrete sealant to close off the gap or if I’m better off allowing the water to drain off there (perhaps putting some gravel in the gap). As a first time homeowner this is all new to me. Thank you.
Good morning.
My name's Kel.

Allowing water to drain into a house is never a good idea.
Freeze-thaw will breakdown the foundation and finishes.
Can also contribute to mold growth.

You idea for backer rod and sealant is best.

You could get the patio mudjacked.
That's drilling some holes in concrete and injecting concrete slurry under the patio forcing it to rise.
That would allow to drain properly.
The holes are then patched.

Have I answered your question?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you. One quick follow up. When I put the backer rod in I pushed down into the gap to the ground and put a layer of the sealant over, but it is not level with the patio (about 1/2 deeper). Should I raise the backer rod to be flush with the patio (leaving a gap between the ground and the backer rod) or is it OK as is? Thank you, Arthur

It sounds like the level of the sealant is 1/2" below the surface of the patio.
You want the sealant at least flush with the patio.
Slightly above would be best so water doesn't pool.
If the sealant is cured add another layer.
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Hello again Arthur. This's Kel checking in to see how the patio drain project's going. . .