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I had to replace a piece of marble tile in the bathroom. I

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I had to replace a piece of marble tile in the bathroom. I couldn't find an exact color match,; though it is close, it is slightly darker than what is installed. Is there some way to lighten the new tile slightly with some sort of coating or chemical?

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Unfortunately no.

Muratic acid wont do it. Calcium hyperchlorate isnt strong enough, and anything stronger you would need a permit for, and it would probably ruin the tile anyway.

I am sorry but the color of tile is pretty much fixed. Tile exposed to the sun will bleach out in a few years but I dont think you want to wait that long.

You can paint tile but it is a very dusty process just to get the surface prepped.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have read on line about tinting polyurethane. Could this be done to "paint over" the offending tile without pre-sanding it?. I should note that it is in a low traffic area that it not very well lit.

Sorry, no. For the poly to adhear to the tile it must be roughened up with sand paper. Otherwise the glazing will prevent the poly from adhearing properly.

John, the only real way to make all of the tiles match (aside from tearing all of them out and starting over again.) would be to paint all of the tiles. As I mentioned that is a messy and labor intensive solution, but it does work.

If it is a low traffic area I wouldnt worry about it. Probably no one will notice anyways. Those that do probably wont care (unless they are the home owners).

Thats what I keepo telling a friend of mine that owns a local bar. I fix things for him and if he starts getting picky. I tell him to go to the bar and pick any customer. Have them come over and see if they can see whats wrong (except for the contractors that come in there).

Hasnt happened yet.

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