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Our garden was lightly sprayed with a mist of JCB Hyralic Oilone

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Our garden was lightly sprayed with a mist of JCB Hyralic Oil
one week ago. Is it toxic ? Or is it safe to let it degrade with rain and sunlight. into the leaves and groundcovers intonthe soil of the Garden?
Tom (Melbourne Australia
Hi there happy to help.

Can you give me some idea of how this happened? What is the area of the garden(square feet) and how much oil was applied?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The oil mist spray occured when a bulldozer hose burst on the machine over the fence, on the land next door where a house demolitian was in progress. The garden area is about 10 metres x 20 metres. Not a large area, and not a heavy amout of oil, it covered the plants/trees and small terrace / chairs & table.... Just want to know how safe or how toxic this JCB hydralic fluid is? I. Have been told that it is "just oil" ......, and biodegradeable is this true? Or does it require a special clean up proceedure?

No it will be fine. It is just an Oil based product. It could possibly inhibit the growth of the plants if a significant amount gets on the leaves, as oil with effect the photosynthesis process.

Also if these are vegetable plants, be sure to wash any vegetables that may have had direct contact with the oil.

Other than this, leave everything alone, it will break down on its own and be fine. To give an example........

I have a couple of tractors myself. I have had a hydraulic filters break open and dump a gallon or 2 of hydraulic oil on the grass. It kills the grass in this amount, however within a month the grass is regrowing.

A light mist is not growing to cause any hazards for you.

Please don't forget to rate me and have a great day.

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