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Can a tankless gas water heater and a tank water heater be

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Can a tankless gas water heater and a tank water heater be plumbed to together, there by having the tank for small amounts and he washer, and the other kick in for high demand. I realize that's kind of the opposite of the purpose of tankless but it should be more efficient than two tanks and still get the small amounts of hot when needed. On the same vane can two tank gas water heaters be plumbed together or a gas tank water heater and an electric tank heater together? I know they make a tankless with a small tank, but I think it's to new and expensive for me.

Rick :

Welcome, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my best to help you with your issue

Rick :

I don't see the benefit or the practical application of your first option. If you factor in installation costs your best bet is either ! large tank or turning up the temp on a smaller tank and installing a tempering valve to return the water temp to a safe level.

Rick :

Yes you can pipe 2 tanks together.

Rick :

If you now have a tank that's too small installing a tempering valve and turning up the tank temp is the cheapest option.

Rick :

Of course if you currently have an electric water heater then you could use a gas tankless with the electric water heater providing some storage and extra capacity but in this case your best bet if you really want to go tankless is to just get rid of your electric tank and put in a tankless with adequate capacity for your needs

Customer: Sorry , I didn't say this is for a new house and the plan has been for one water heater to run the master bath and powder room and be located under the master bath. The other more in the center of the house and run the kitchen ,washer, one bathroom in basement and another on the mail level, i just thought tied together the one could help the other in a peak demand. We could put the one from the master bath over there with the other but I thought it better to not have to wail for the water as its a longer run. I been planning to use NG for both whatever type we use.
Rick :

You're better off to install 2 tank type heaters and size them for the demand of that area. Tankless heaters are over hyped and all things considered (installation, fuel cost and maintenance) they cost more than tank type heaters. There is nothing to be gained by connecting the 2 tanks

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