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I have an atrisan well that is flooding the back of my yard

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I have an atrisan well that is flooding the back of my yard and I Hve 2 other wells on my site. The main problem I have with well 1 it is near my spetic system. The ovious out lets would cut a cross my spetic system. My land is all up hill except were the house is. There is no level part of my yard (1 acre) the other 6acres are above me

Welcome to Just Answer!.

I need to ask you a few questions in order to get clear on what you have... and I need to give some initial advice.

It is important that you have no water wells that supply the house with water anywhere near the septic drain field or tanks.


Your drinking water wells need to be up hill from the septic tank and its drain field. Tell me if that is the case or not..

Is the artesian well an actual drilled or driven well, or is it a natural spring. Tell me where it is in relation to the drinking water wells, is it lower down the slope than one or both of the drinking water wells?


How close are your neighbors to the septic drain field. and are they down hill or up hill from the drain field... how many feet is your drain filed from any other wells down hill from it.

We can go from there. I am going to bed in a few minutes, if I miss you tonight I will pick your question back up first thing in the morning San Francisco time.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Frist off we have counry water, so drinking water is not a proplem. One of the wells 70 yards from the house is a drilled well for a old hunting camp, that was torn down in the 60's. the water I am haveing proplem is a is a natural spring that just water just comes out. It is about 30 yards from my house. the trouble I have above ground pool and I belive the water is geting under the liner.We are haveing one of the worst year for rain. Were above 8" for the year and we have 1.5" SO FAR IN JULY!

Would a french sewer work for this amount of rain. In the year and a half we own the house it is allways we were the pool is and in the far conor.

Hello again, without seeing the land and knowing the worst case water flow rates from the artesian well. it is difficult to make good recommendations.

You might consider however digging a hole at the artesian well, and fitting a large congrete drain pipe in it... then filling the bottom of the hole with a few centimeters of concrete... and putting a submersible pump in the the bottom. then running a 22mm plastic pipe from the pump to where you want that water to go. The pump would run atuomaically whenever there was more than a few cm of water inside.


A french drain, dug about one meter deep, and 25 cm wide, half filled with crushed rock, and a large diameter drain tile inside , then the rest of the french drain filled with crushed rock to within 14 centimeters of the top, then placing two layers of plastic window screen over the top and back filling it with dirt.
That would work as long as it does not pass over the septic drain filed. and is sloped more than 3 cm per meter.

Let me know what you think. we can go from there.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I like the ieda and will try the french sewer. the proplem with a pump I am at least 50 yard s t0 the closes outlet. I could run a line from the pool out let.

My spetic tank and sand feild is below all my neiobors, so that not a proplem we all have coumity water to out homes no way any thing can leak into drinking water. ( the only nountlity is my septic system)

I will try both Ideas and thanks for the time and effort.


You are welcome Mike.

I will put up the ratings box now so that you can rate my assistance, thats the only way the company pays me part of your deposit..


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