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Marc, Handyman
Category: Home Improvement
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Experience:  Plumbing, Heating, and home maintenance contractor
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I have a Holmes Heater Model HOH 2100 that was purchased in

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I have a Holmes Heater Model HOH 2100 that was purchased in the early 1990's. It worked well for many years until this winter when it failed to work at all. Do you think it is worn out, or should I try to have it repaired?

Marc : Hello and thank you for using our service. I will assist you today with your question to the best of my ability. DO NOT RATE SERVICE UNTIL COMPLETED
Marc : Please understand: I am not paid a salary, I spend my personal time assisting you. I am only paid when you give a smiley face or star rating of 3 or higher for my assistance to you. Please remember to rate my answer after we have worked on the issue together to your satisfaction. Bonuses are welcomed as well as appreciated. Thank You!!
Marc : Hello. I do believe the heater has worn out. The element within the unit has obviously failed and will no longer heat the oil. It is unfortunately time to replace the unit.

Hi, Marc, are you in Maine? Looking forward to chatting with you about my heater.

Marc : These units are not worth the time and effort to repair as the cost and time to repair is far greater than it is worth.
Marc : Yes I am in Maine

Hi Marc, thank you so much for confirming that it is worn out. I was about to take it to the local recycling center but didn't want to give it up if it is repairable. I appreciate your comments and will give you a smiley face. At the recycling center, do you think they will accept it as metal even if it is full of oil or will they do something else with it? Are you anywhere near Augusta, Maine in case I need plumbing services?

Marc : Yes the recycling center will take the item with the oil. And yes 25min south!! I am in Augusta often at the State house and at department of public safety. I am also a fire chief in a nearby community around exit 86

Dear XXXXX, I am 25 min. west so it may be too far. I am in Mount Vernon. Nice chatting with you and now I will give you a smiley face. Thank you for your advice. Hannah

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