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I am laying sod in my back yard which at this time is all dirt.

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I am laying sod in my back yard which at this time is all dirt. I need to know is what preparation needs to be done to the ground prior to laying down sod?
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You need to til the soil with a rototiller to a depth of at least 6". Then spread 2" of finished compost over the area. If the soil has a lot of clay in it you need to improve the drainage by spreading a couple inches of sand as well. Also you should test the soil ph and spread lime as needed. Your local garden center can advise you on the spread rate based on your soil ph. Then til/mix all of the above with the rototiller. Next rake it out smooth with an iron rake and keep the level 1" below where it meets any paved surface. Then water lightly before rolling out your sod.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

how do I check ph in dirt

There are ph test kits available at most garden centers or some garden centers will test your soil for you. If you have an agriculurally oriented retailer like Agway near you they are more likely to do the test for free
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