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What are these insects mixed in with the ants and should I

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What are these insects mixed in with the ants and should I be concerned that they're damaging my home?
Hello and welcome. They are all ants. The smaller are sterile female worker, the one with wings and a little bigger are males (the queen before loosing her wings is even bigger).
Those seem to be carpenter ants and yes they can damage your home (floor, structures anything made of wood). They don't eat it like termite but they dig tunnel in it and keep it moist. They can also damage insulation material (like foam) int he same way.
I have no sense of scale from the picture but if the smallest are 2mm long, they might also be Pharoah Ants.
You should not tolerate them and as the problem will not get away on it's own i would hire an exterminator.
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