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Hello I have some couches that really work well in our living

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Hello I have some couches that really work well in our living room. If I were to replace them it would be very expensive to do so. It is a non traditional sectional couch and we tend to sit two or three sections of the couch. Needless to say those sections are sinking in. What can we do to fix that? I have purchased the as seen on TV without any success. I have a furniture guy come over tomorrow and take a look at them but I don't want to go into my meeting with him without any knowledge or options. Please help

the couches are not leather and the individual foam seating sections can be replaced. i don't if the wood or springs can be replaced in the base of the individual sections.
Hello. This is hard to evaluate without pictures of the couches (especially from underneath if spring are visible.

Usually sinking mean some spring are broken (this require a very old one or having kids jumping on them repeatedly or the bad habit to drop sit on them). Sometime the problem is with main springs, sometime with springs bridging the main springs.

If they used minimum amount of wood, the anchor of some spring may split the wood (that can be fixed with a small steel plate to reinforce).

The foam may also have degraded. In such case they need to be replaced. If the part supporting the back is still perfectly good it have less chance to be a foam degradation problem as they often use the same material.

You may expect a cost of $300-$400 to get this fixed this by a professional. The repair material is expensive for those now (i did one last month and was surprised at the cost of fabrics). Most of the cost is in the time to disassemble for repair (it help a lot if there is no mechanical movement like hinge and such).
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

lets say that it is just the foam degradation. How much it is to generally to replace the foam of 3ft x 3 ft (2 cushions).


Is there a different type of foam to use other than the standard yellow foam to make it more durable. I would like to fill the cushions that we use more often with a denser material.

what are differences in there cost?

The cost of foam is not that much for someone that do it professionally as they can buy it in big quantity. The price is really in the disassembly and reassembly. This can be complicated if they are attached to the frame. Zipper system make that lot easier but most of the time it involve sewing or staple removal. As the parts usually get the fabric individually before assembling, doing maintenance require to undo all the work (this depend of the model at hand, some are easier to work on than other).

So, in your case if only foam, it may be $10 of material and around 3 hour of work. So, not much under $100. The cost often depend if the company charge by the hour or a flat rate contract.
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