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I have a sears craftsman garage door opener 139.53615SR that

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I have a sears craftsman garage door opener 139.53615SR that the manual states to connect the garage door sensors to the black and white terminals. Connected the sensors, the sensors light up and stay on; however, when the infrared beam is passed through the receiving sensor turns off and stays off and the door continues to move. Connected sensors on opposite garage door opener 139.53628SRT1 and everything works correctly. Is the manual for the 139.53615SR correct or is the opener actually not designed for sensors?

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From looking at the owners manual, that opener is designed for sensors. And you are supposed to connect them to the black and white terminals. You either have bad sensors or a bad logic board. Since the sensors are working fine on the other opener, you most likely have a bad logic board and unfortunately they cost around $70. If your opener is older than 10 years I would recommend putting that money towards a new opener. It just makes the most sense.


If one or both sensors are blinking, the sensors are misaligned.

If one of the sensors is out, the door sensors typically need to be replaced.

If both sensors are out, the problem is typically a bad logic board or bad sensor wiring.

You can test the wires/ sensors with an ohm meter and terminals. You can remove the sensor wires from the terminals on the logic board and check for voltage across terminals 2 and 3 (black and white) on the logic board. If you have 4-5v you will need to replace the sensors. If you don't have 4-5v between terminals 2 and 3 and the opener is plugged in, the logic board is bad. You can also test the wiring at the sensors to verify that you have 4-5v. This will tell you if the wiring is bad or shorted.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Where do you purchase the logic boards? Unfortunately, that was what I suspected but just needed a second opinion. I will most likely just buy another opener. Thanks!


First, verify that you have the correct sensors...53710. Your opener doesn't need the sensors, they are optional with that model. The door is supposed to reverse if it hits something on the way down, without the sensors.

You can purchase logic boards or a new opener online at any of the door opener parts websites.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The door functions 100% correctly on the reversal when bumping something but does not acknowledge the sensors at all. Both sensors are lit and stay lit until the infrared path is broken. once the path is broken the receiver light goes off and the door keeps traveling. The light will not come back on until power has been removed and re-connected. Tested the sensors on second door opener and they work perfectly. Connected the door sensors from the second opener to this opener because they are the 1991 model sensors and they do stay lit until the path is broken. once path is broken the receiver turns off but the door keeps traveling. However, once I move from the path the receiver light does come on without reseting the power. Regardless the opener never acknowledges the 1991 sensors or the new sensors. That is why I thought the Manual may be falsely implying that the sensors could be optional. I know there are other Sears Craftsman manuals similar and it is false. Only one of the models listed can actually use the sensors not all models listed. Never could get anyone to confirm this on this model. Everyone seems to be depending on the poorly written Sears Craftsman manual.


Oh, well I was relying on the manual too. I understand what you mean about the manual not applying to all models for some parts of the manual. You may be right, maybe the sensors are not capable of working on this model....I think the only way to find out is to find a competent person at Sears, but even that can be hard.....they would probably just rely on the manual as well. That will be a tough answer to get I think, especially since the opener is pretty old. You may be better off just gettin a new opener so that you can take advantage of the latest technology and safety features. Good luck with it Mickey!
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