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Hello All, I didnt see power tool repair as a category

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Hello All,

I didn't see power tool repair as a category so I'm taking a shot in the dark here.

I have a Craftsman 12in miter saw. Model #NNN-NN-NNNN

I am in the process of replacing some other parts and I took the table off to give it a good cleaning underneath. It had become very difficult to rotate and the support for the locking handle actually broke off in my hand the other day when I was trying to set an angle.

I had already blown out most of the dust with my compressor but when I got the table off I found three metal slide plates that the table rotates on that were still dirty with dust and grease. I also checked the underside of the table and found some rough spots on the edge of the surface that rides on these plates. I am going to hit them lightly with some 400 grit sand paper to try and polish them off. My question is what kind of grease should I go back with. I know that any type of grease is an attractant for dust to collect there and can just cause more problems. I also know that metal on metal is a bad thing so there has to be some sort of lubrication. What was on there was an off white color and appeared to be the consistency of petroleum jelly. The table is cast aluminum ( I think) and the slide plates are spring steel.
Welcome. My name is XXXXX XXXXX would be glad to assist.

Dont know about others, but I use product for many items especially on my table saw.
Good for any equipment with parts sliding, rolling against each other.

Graphite based and works well on anything I have used it for/on.
Good lubricant that maintains and doesn't need replenishing near as often as greases etc, especially those with silicone.

CLICK HERE for the company and product

CLICK HERE for location where it can be purchased

My recommendation, used it for around 12 years now.
You could probably find others, but I would definitely stay with a graphite type lubricant.
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