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I painted a solid color border for my kids room, and although

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I painted a solid color border for my kids room, and although I used frog tape, the edges did not come out straight when I removed the tape. Can you tell me what would be quick remedy for this they sell some sort of thin vinyl border for this issue?
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The vinyl tapes used on cars work reasonably well, sometimes. None so far work well against house paint.

The easiest thing to do is to buy a *straight 1 x 4 board about 8 feet long. it will take a few minutes to find one in the stack at the builders supply.

Then use that to mark a straight line on the wall about 1/4" above the existing crooked edge... then apply frog tape along that line. I use the back of my finger nail to press the edge tight to the wall.

Then use a brush along the new edge, but keep the brush fairly dry... when that paint dries, apply a second coat... that way the paint wont seep under the tape.

Let me know if that makes any sense on your end or not, we keep going without any time limit as long as you keep rating my responses positively.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Mr. Phil,

I think I may have worded my question wrong. Although, you did answered correctly to my scribble. I apologize for that. What I really meant to say is that the paint seeped thru the frog tape and so the edges, although straight, do not look sharp because of the seeped paint. So this is why I was wondering if some thin decorative vinyl/border exist that I can purchase and just tape over. Please advise. Sorry about my initial question, I wasn't sure on how to explain what had happened.

Hello again, there are wall paper borders that you can buy.

Or you can simply re-do the border as i suggested, painting the first coat with fairly dry brush so that there is no seepage. the follow up with another fairly dry brush coat, then you will get no seepage.... if you use your fingernail to press the edge of the frog tape to the wall tightly.

Your local paint or home decorating store will have a selection of wall paper boarders, you might find something you like there


Let me know what you think, we keep going as long as you rate my efforts positively.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok. Thanks. I'll see if I'm up to re-doing that border all over again. Anyways, just so you know, the link you sent me did not work and I was hoping to check it out. Thanks again!!



I will send the link again, and a few other links.

You might want to try them later as well

We can keep going without time limit until you get what you need as long as you keep rating my assistance positively.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you!! Both links worked, and that last one was awesome!! Thanks again!! Completely and 100!% satisfied!! Have a great day!!



You are welcome Mille!