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Martin, Electrical Engineer
Category: Home Improvement
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Experience:  Design, construct, fix and grow stuff around and in the home.
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Hi. Id like to ask an experts opinion on three things about

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Hi. Id like to ask an expert's opinion on three things about my bathroom:

Does this curtain look good and go with the bathroom style? If not which type would be best? http:[email protected]/8975649357/
What type of rug should I get? Do the rugs around the toilet look good?
On this picture there is an area right above the tiles where there is a crack on the wall. I want to put a 9 or 10 inch tall wall paper from one side to the other. Which wallpaper would you recommend me? http:[email protected]/8976839068/


Welcome back!.

I have been answering a few of your questions. I hope you find the answers useful.

I looked at the photo's, the room looks pretty good, Any wall paper edging will not look good in that situation, the white walls are best just as they are.

On these color match and decorating idea questions however it is by far the best to go to the home decorating retail stores and get idea's from there... from a distance it is very very easy to pick the wrong things and the wrong colors. You can end up with a very messed up look that way.

Very slight differences in color can make a huge difference, sometimes even ruin a project. What looks good in a photo may actually look very bad to many people when they are in the room...

Lighting has a huge effect. Fluorescent lighting can absolutely ruin the colors in a room, there are many different kinds of bulbs you can buy.
some bulbs make blues look green, and reds look orange or pink. so that the room looks worse when the lights are on.

The basic rule for rental property of all types is to paint the walls an off white color... and keep the accessories in simple and in pastel colors.. nothing extreme and not too much variety in the colors. And pay close attention to anything that looks dirty... all such areas must be cleaned up or replaced.

If you stay with whites and off whites, and maybe an accessory or two that is match to the floor tile or bathub etc you will be best off. just 2 or 3 colors to a room, including the floor and wall coverings.

Let me know what you think, we can go from there.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you Phil for the answer! I thought of going to a store and asking them but they would also have to rely on pictures.
I will absolutely rank you positively since you gave me good suggestions, but Id like to ask you to leave the question for another expert to answer that might have decorating tips.

Hello again.

As for the paper, because of the humidity i really recommend just plastering the cracks and repaint in white to keep the good luminance of the room.

As for a rugs, i do not advise getting those shaped in "U" going around the toilet. They can hide water leak and some male guest are not good shooter and can pee on it from time to time. You can get a small rectangular one if you want to not have the feet cold on the ceramic.

As for the shower curtain, this one does not fit very well as far as color and the amount of light it allow to let pass trough. It is not bad (and i would personally tolerate it) but a translucent one with darker blue motifs than the tiles would look good (or silvery motifs to go with the pharmacy and pipe metallic color).
Martin, Electrical Engineer
Category: Home Improvement
Satisfied Customers: 4931
Experience: Design, construct, fix and grow stuff around and in the home.
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