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Dovetail Greene
Dovetail Greene, General Contractor
Category: Home Improvement
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Experience:  Licensed Building Contractor & Certified Building Designer
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This is a Home Improvement question. I am looking to do vacation

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This is a Home Improvement question.
I am looking to do vacation rental with my apartment so I am trying to figure out how to improve it, both by making it look better and organizing the space better, so tourists can feel good.
The apartment is very small. There is a living room right when you walk in, next to an open kitchen and there is a small bathroom and bedroom.
I am looking for non expensive ways to do the trick. The landlord didn't take good care of the apartment and there are imperfections. I am open to get suggestions : )
So this is a link of a gallery of all the pictures. If you put the arrow on top of the picture you will a title with the description.
http:[email protected]/

Thanks : )


My name's Kel.


Repair cracks and paint bubbles. Most of that can be sanded off, primed then repainted.


Replace cracked tiles with contrasting color. Thinking a fairly dark green. Dark green shower curtain. Jettison the stripes they don't work with the grout lines.


Bright green towels. Perhaps chartreuse.


Can you relocate the chest of drawers the TV's on, so there's a clear view from sofa?


Where ever you locate the table -- put shelves above it to store glasses, plates, mugs, cups and saucers. Remove all the wire shelving from under the cabinets. That stuff can now be stored in newly cleaned out cabinets. Remove all the clutter from the frig door. You can hang stuff on the inside of the cabinet doors. Find some dish clothes in bright color.


Definitely need some stuff on the walls to make it look lived in. Could see hanging the area rug on wall as a tapestry. Photographs of the area. One reproduction of work of art. Perhaps hanging ceramic pieces. They don't have to be personal -- that is, pictures of you or your family -- but things that're engaging. Is there a theatre with play bills nearby? On menus from local eateries?


Replace the table chairs with wood to match style of coffee table.


New lighting fixture over sink.


All simple. Nothing expensive.


What do you think? Is this what you had in mind?

Dovetail Greene, General Contractor
Category: Home Improvement
Satisfied Customers: 377
Experience: Licensed Building Contractor & Certified Building Designer
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Kel! Thanks for the answer.

So in parts let me ask you a few questions:
1- what cracks and paint bubbles were you referring to exactly? And should I just get sand paper and how could I paint the area without having to paint the whole thing? Is there a type of paint for retouching that can blend in?
2- I don't understand what you meant by jettison the stripes. Do you think if I put a wall paper on the cracked tyles in the bathroom it would look nice?
3-You mentioned to relocate the drawers where the tv is on. Where should I put it? Where there is the light wooden table right now? Would you get rid of that table?
4- Where exactly would you hang picture frames? Above the couch?
Any in the room? I live in Manhattan so I could look for pictures of the empire states or the statue of liberty.
5-Would you change the color of the curtains in both living room and room?
6-Would you relocate the bed?
7-What about the rug in the living room? Would you change it?
8-Could you send me a link of a model of the table chairs with wood to match the coffee table? Some that you suggest

Thanks a lot

In several of the pictures there are cracks and bubbles in the paint. Can't tell which spaces. One set appears to be in the bath.


Use a razor blade or utility knife to cut off some of the bubbled paint. A square about 1" x 1" is enough. Take that to a paint store. They can do a pretty accurate match.


Even with the best match you'll be able to see the new paint over the repair. So paint from corner to corner and floor to ceiling on one wall if you want to keep the painting to a minimum. Use a primer - sealer like water base Kilz after you sand and shackle.


I mean not to use a striped pattern in the bath. Either for the shower curtain or towels.


I wouldn't recommend trying to put paper over tiles.

You might use shackle to fill the cracks. Sand smooth then prime and paint. Use masking tape to protect the grout.


From your pictures I can't get a good sense of the overall space. Hard to know how to arrange the furniture. The sofa could be place perpendicular to a wall to define a space. I try to orient seating so my guests and I can look out the windows.


I would add pictures throughout. It seems cool and unlived in right now. The rule of thumb is -- the larger the wall surface the larger the picture or photo.


Pictures of Empire State and Statue of Liberty would be perfect.


I like the plum color curtains. Has a warmth.

Put needs more visual interest. See if you can find a courser fabric. A bolder weave.


Can tell from pictures how to orient the bed.


I think the area rug works.


You might try The Pottery Barn for dining chairs. I'm thinking something with a straight high back. Going with wicker would be less expensive than the oak of the coffee table. . .



A vase with flowers would look great on the coffee table. . .

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Kel! Thanks again for so many helpful tips.
So just for me to understand (I wasn't raised speaking English)
I didn't understand this part: "You might use shackle to fill the cracks. Sand smooth then prime and paint. Use masking tape to protect the grout". What Is shackle?

Could you please send me a link from a model of pottery barn that you think would work well?

What type of fabric is that one you mentioned? I googled it and couldn't find it.

Pardon the typo.

That should be spackle.

Spackling compound comes premixed in plastic containers of varying sizes. It's applied to cracks with a spackling knife. Hardware or paint stores have all such supplies.


Making actual selections and supplying specific links for your project is beyond the scope of these type questions.


You might look at IKEA. Chairs that would be good places to start are the Bojne, the Ivar or the Borne.


I'd go to a fabric shop and see if they have any 'course wool'.

Hello again, Kel's suggestions and answers here are superb... some of this stuff you have to see in person... then it is all quite simple.

The best way to find out about things like the spackeling compound to fix up the walls is at a paint store... just walk in and tell them you have walls that need fixing up and that you need the materials to do that with.... they will show you all the materials and how to do it.

it does take some practice however...

You can also go to places like Home Depot or Lowes home remodel stores and ask for their books section, and buy step by step picture books on all sorts of topics such as repairing and repainting walls.

However, having said that, only a professional painter will be able to do the job so that it will look real good in most cases... if you are just learning the chances of you getting it right are not too good... I would stop by the paint store and ask them for a reference to real good local painter that does remodel work. You will be glad you did.

Take kels advice and stop by the stores he mentioned, and the ones I have mentioned, Home depot and Lowes for example and look over what they have, you will get lots of ideas from that.

Stay in touch as needed.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for the information both of you. I really appreciate it.
I wanted to ask your opinion Phil on the cracks on the bathroom tiles: http:[email protected]/8956207059/
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for the info both of you! I really appreciate it!

I wanted to ask Phil his opinion on the crack on the bathroom tile: http:[email protected]/8956207059/
Would you spackle it, then prime and paint?
I saw online someone breaking and changing each cracked tile individually.
I wanted to ask your opinion also on my living room rug.
Where would you put up painting frames? Just above the couch or also in between the curtains and above the table?
Last but not least would you show me an example of chairs to replace mine?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
http:[email protected]/8957298336/
http:[email protected]/8956120625/
http:[email protected]/8956112739/
Hello again, I would avoid painting over the tile at *all costs... in other words it will turn out very badly over the long term if you do so... it will not even look good in the short term.

spackling over the cracks will not help. it will just make the job look even worse.


Regarding the painting frames... only you can select paintings that you like and that will fit the space, relying on what we can do from here with photographs will work out well. All we can do is offer general principles.

Put large paintings on large wall areas, and small paintings on small wall areas.. and buy art that you like personally.. it should be high quality even if they are mass produced in China Hanging cheap or poorly done paintings does more harm than good.

In this case would buy only 3 paintings, and center them one above the couch and table, and one between the curtains. Personally I like unframed oil paintings the best. Just hang them on two level nails. You get a cleaner look that way.

It is crucial that you shop for the paintings locally, look at a hundred or more until you find something you completely like... don't settle for less... you get better art that way. Instead of paying for an expensive heavy frame you get a much larger nicer painting... I like sea scapes with sand doons, and grass myself.. lighter colored paintings, nothing heavy or dark.

The paintings should sell for between $50 and $150.. not a lot more or they might get stolen from a rental property. Shop until you find some that you really like.

Buy all wooden chairs, the sturdier the better, in a style that you like. Any furniture store will have a few dozen to choose from in a wide variety of price ranges... only you can decide which you prefer and what looks good to you in the house.

There is no way any of us, from this distance can select chairs for you.. except to provide general principles... and that is sold wood, heavily built, sturdy and that look good in the room for table chairs.

Same for easy chairs, and upholstered chairs. These are all personal taste and budget appropriate items and what matches or is a compatible fit to the other pieces of furniture. You can make those judgements ONLY by visiting a furnature show room.. thats what the show rooms are for. All good designers use the show rooms for those reasons.

, you can buy paintingson line, but in person is by far and away the best. if you go the web site that features each picture you can find hundreds more.