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I have to Heath/Zenith Carriage lights (model 4196) on my garage.

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I have to Heath/Zenith Carriage lights (model 4196) on my garage. One of them started to blink with a very regular, one or two second, on/off pattern. I removed the light and wired it to another, external source but it does the same thing. None of the setting adjustments affect this in any way. Is the thing toast?

Hi. Welcome to Just Answer.

If these are motion detector lights then yes. The timer circuit is shorted ad that is causing the light to blink at a set speed rather than timing the light on/off delay.

If you are handy with electrical circuits you can eliminate the existing timer control and install an external motion sensor to operate the lights. Basically all you do is find the power leads coming from the circuit board to the light and remove them from the board. Then wire nut in the new motion sensor. The only drawback is the new sensor will be exposed and a wire coming from it to the lights. You can hide most of the wirby drilling a hole and routing them inside the garage. Purely astetic but some folks are real picky about that.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Best, Smitty

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