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Theplumber717, Plumber, HVAC Tech
Category: Home Improvement
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Experience:  Lic Plumbing contractor,HVAC, All aspects construction 28 yrs exp
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I have a Craftsman garage door opener that is awaiting a new

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I have a Craftsman garage door opener that is awaiting a new circuit board from the repair crew. In the meantime, my garage is completely unsecured and anyone can walk up to my home and open it. If the trolley is engaged it still opens, but only half way. I am certain this will not deter any would be burglars. How can I lock or secure the door so that it does not open?

GARY C : Hi my name isXXXXX will do my best to solve your problem. Reply to this post and i will reply back with help before rating, Thanks Garyc
GARY C : When to door is closed, there are holes in the track, take a screwdriver, or any piece of metal that will fit in the holes, and it will lock the door, and prevent it from opening
GARY C : (The track is what the door runs on, so each side of the door
GARY C : (screwdriver, tire iron, bolt, pretty much anything that is metal will work)
GARY C : It seems your having problems with the chat feature, as it show's you coming in then leaving chat)
Customer: Ok, Gary...easy and effective. Thanks for your help!
GARY C : No problem
GARY C : have a nice day! thanks Garyc
Customer: You too!
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