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This is a question about proper fencing for our yard. The

Customer Question

This is a question about proper fencing for our yard.

The dilema : We live on a sloping ridge of a windy valley in Saskatachewan . Our house takes up most of the front of the yard with about 3 feet on each side and a terraced front about 30 feet from door to curb.The east side has neighboring garage where our lot ends on the east side. The west side is open until the end of the garage on our side and the beginning of the neighboring garage,which creates a tunnel effect on both sides. I planted 2 cedars at the back of our house to block the wind ( The back of the house on the east side ends about the same as ours )
On the often windy days the wind roars down both sides and swirls in the back. I think this is a reason why it is difficult to grow grass in this area . We have old solid board fences on the east side, our neighbors garage and upright board fence on the west side. The lot is 125 feet deep and trhe bouse is bout 50 feet long. At the back of the lot is a garage on a ledge . The back of the lot has an old fence with slats .

The back of the yard is terraceds and rises about 4 steps to the back alley. Thus the yard is pretty closed in. I am thinking that we need a fence that allows air flow and we are meeting with our neighbors this weekend to discuss building. I like the idea of a good neighbor fence which allows air movement . What is your recommendation ??
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  The Home Smithy replied 4 years ago.

Hi. Welcome to Just Answer.

Im not sure of exactly how your lots are laid out. Can you please go to google maps and look up your address. Once you have your home located scroll in as best you can using the satillite view.

Do a screen shot of this by pressing control and print screen buttons together at the same time.

Go to your microsoft paint program amd select edit from th emenu at the on paste and the screen shot will appear. At the top left of the screen is an icon that looks like a box with dashed lines. Select it and using your mouse left click on the top left of your property. hold the button and drag it to the lower right of your property. Right click and select cut.

Go to file at the top left and select new. A box will pop up. select no to saving. A new screen will appear. Right click and select paste.

Save the file as a .jpg and post it here using the paperclip icon at the top of your reply box.

It will post the picture here for me to see.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I tried to google our property and was unable to access it
Expert:  The Home Smithy replied 4 years ago.
The image doesnt have to be clear. Just so I can get the general lay out of the property is fine

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