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Category: Home Improvement
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I have a concrete patio that in the concrete are oak boards.

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I have a concrete patio that in the concrete are oak boards. The boards all looking a little black so I pressure washed them yesterday. Now I want to something on them to help keep that look. What would be the best thing for this? I was thinking a boiled linseed oil maybe. Or a teak oil of some kind. Any suggestions

Rick : Welcome, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my best to help you with your issue
Rick : I favor Olympic Maximum deck stain or sealant (available at Lowes and many paint stores).
Rick : You can use the clear sealant and it will protect the wood but it won't prevent a color change. None of the clear sealants or oils (that you mention will). You might want to consider one of the Maximum's semi-transparent stains. There are many colors to chose from and one would likely be very close to the color of the wood you have. Maximum will protect for 3 years (either stain or clear) but if you want to keep the color with clear you'll have to redo the deck every year.
Customer: I would like to keep the natural look, just bring the grain out a little. The people I did this patio for are not the kind of people to keep good maintance of the patio. so the less they have to do the better. I really hate to stain it, seems like a waste of good looking boards by doing that.
Rick : These stains still show the wood grain and like I said the color can be very similar to the existing natural color. I use Maximum on my own decks and it's easily good for 3 years. Since your customer is not going to keep this up then I suggest you go with the Maximum stain
Rick : Of course you could also use the clear but the color will start to weather to grey after the first year
Customer: I will check it out. Then again the clear would make good job security. Just tell them they will need me to do it every year. Thanks
Rick : You're welcome. Job security is a good thing!
Customer: yes it is. could use more of it. Lol
Rick : I hear you
Customer: have a great weekend. Thank you
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