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I had an electric hot water replaced yesterday and there is

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I had an electric hot water replaced yesterday and there is no hot water. The technician did a series of tests and determined both lines to the heater are in lines. A few days ago I had a well pump installed and some piping replaced with pex. There was a momentary surge of tepid water and than cold. The technician believes that somehow lines were mixed up. Have you heard of this before and where is the likely source of the trouble?

Thank You

Marc : Hello and thank you for using our service. I will assist you today with your question to the best of my ability. DO NOT RATE SERVICE UNTIL COMPLETED
Marc : Hello, my name is Marc. I have over 26years experience in the plumbing industry and I will do my best to assist you today.
Marc : Good morning!


Marc : So did the well pump company also replace the pex piping for you?


Marc : Okay, if in fact the water line is crossed and there is cold lines in to the hot water tank inlet and outlet it will need to be repiped
Marc : The well pump company is responsible to repair the piping since they in fact made the mistake
Marc : I would call them, complain and have them come and fix the problem at no charge.

I sent them an email last night and if I don't hear from them this am I will call them. So, it is possible for this to happen?

Marc : Oh yes it sure is. Especially with pex and especially if the pex used is all the same color. Pex water piping often comes red and blue (so we don't mistake the hot water for cold) which is what has happened. I have had some of my employees cross and send hot water to toilets and cold water to other hot water faucets. It happens!!

Thank You!

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