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My remote is not working, the door still opens from the wall

Customer Question

My remote is not working, the door still opens from the wall unit, I have changed the batteries and also bought a new remote, I tried programming and re-programming the remotes, they do not work, the lock button on the wall unit is in the proper position, any ideas?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Brian replied 4 years ago.
Hi, my name is Brian and I will be helping you today.

The lock feature on your wall button, when engaged, will not allow the remotes to work. You have to hold the button with the lock symbol for 5 seconds to disengage. Wall button flashes when it is engaged and does not flash when it is disengaged. If it appears to be unlocked, there is a chance that the wall button is defective/ worn out and tricking the opener into thinking that the lock feature is engaged. This would require replacing the wall button or verifying that the wiring is not loose at the wall button.

If you are certain that you erased all codes and then reprogrammed the remotes correctly, per the owners manual, I would have to say you have a problem within the motor unit.

The things that would effect the range of the remote is the antenna or logic board. I would verify that the antenna is hanging straight down. Also verify that the antenna is secured to the logic board. If all of that is good, you may have a bad/ burnt solder connection on the board or the board may have a solder defect at the antenna. This would require a new logic board....and unfortunately they cost around $70 (average). If your opener is older than 10 years I would recommend putting that money towards a new opener.

In addition, remote range problems have become increasingly difficult to troubleshoot and can take some process of elimination. More recently, several things can affect the range of your remote controls, including cell towers, satellite dishes, and any wireless devices in the house. If you can think of any wireless device that you may have recently installed just before this started may try unplugging that item to see if it helps.

Another thing to try is plugging the garage door opener into a different circuit by means of an extension cord....see if anything changes.

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Expert:  Brian replied 4 years ago.
Mike, anything else you need help with regarding the opener? If not, please rate my answer and have a great day.