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Im replacing some lap siding on the side of a house that a

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I'm replacing some lap siding on the side of a house that a tree branch knocked a hole in. It's a house built in 1843 and the lap siding is tappered. I've found a shop that will tapper the new pieces to the old lumber dimentions. My question - I need to cut out and remove some siding to be able to attach the new siding to studs, what is the best way to cut the nails and free-up the lower piece of siding?

Rick :

Welcome, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my best to help you with your issue

If this is the original siding it was put on with cut nails so they will be a bit more difficult to cut (but still doable) than modern wire nails. The first thing I would try us to gently lift the siding with a flat bar more often than not the nail will pop out when you push the siding back in place. Then the nail can be easily pulled out

Rick :

If it doesn't stay up and stays in place then pry the siding up again and grab the nail with a pair of needle nose pliers then push the siding back. Of course you'll need to pry the siding up more than the with of the needle nose. An alternative method is to lift the siding about 1/4" then slide a 10" long 18 tooth sawzall blade under the siding and cut the nail off leaving the head and top of the nail in the upper piece of siding

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