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Built a new house last fall with a full basement. Had a pool

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Built a new house last fall with a full basement. Had a pool installed at the same time and concrete pool deck between house and pool. The area where the concrete meets the house has settled about 6 inches cracking my pool deck (1 inch wide crack 25 feet long) and causing a reverse grade situation with water flowing back towards my house. Cement contractor is blaming the builder for not compacting backfill and builder is blaming cement contractor for not tying/attaching cement to foundation and building too soon before ground had time to settle. My 25,000 question is- who should bear the responsibility here?
Hi. Welcome to Just Answer.
The original contractor is not responsible for compacting the back fill except to run a tractor tire over it and even that is not a requirement.
The deck contractor is responsible for making sure that the soil he puts concrete on is compacted to hold the weight of the concrete. If the soil settles it is on the contractor placing the concrete. Ignorance of the soil being back fill is not an excuse. You can use a 1/4" metal bar and do a basic check for compaction. If it sinks in easily then you should at minimum run a whacker packer over it to be sure. if still in doubt the contractor should have insisted on a soils analysis before doing the work.
As for replacing all of the slab, yes it should all be replaced so that it matches.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank You for your quick response. The concrete contractor in this case was not hired by me, but by my landscaper. I expressed concern at the time about the concrete contractor because he seemed to be rushing to just get it done and basically didn't give me the time of day when i asked him if we should maybe wait until spring (MN) at least to pour. He is saying he put down class 5 and never does anything else?? My builder on the other hand has been excellent all along and I think your unbiased answer has only reinforced my feeling that this is on the concrete contractor. Would you suggest I hire an engineer to look at the soil? I know it is not compacted at all because i can basically stick a 1 inch steel rod 12 feet down without even needing a hammer. Basically trying to decide what my next step of action should be. Let me know your thoughts and thanks again.




Your next best action should be to consult with an attorney just to be sure that there isnt some legal schmegal that the contractor can pull on you.
Yes a soils engineer is a good idea but check with your attorney first.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You have confirmed my thoughts. I appreciate it and have given you an excellent rating.

Thank you! =)