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The wall mounted units light is always flashing. If you press

Customer Question

The wall mounted unit's light is always flashing. If you press the down button the door may stop but it's at a different height each time, then it will reverse and go back up. To get the door to continue closing it is necessary to press the down button several times and then hold it down until the door closes completely, otherwise the door will go back up.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Rich replied 4 years ago.

Rich :

Hello .. Rich here .. kets see if I can help you with this

Rich :

lets check a few possibilities .. is there any obstruction to the door closing? ... could tyhe sun be shining on the door sensor ? is there anything that is getting in the way of the sensor , like a pull rope ?

JACUSTOMER-5vphb3l1- :

I cleared one of the "visibility" problems but the flashing light problem and the intermittent switch problem still exists and you never addressed that in your answer. The Poor Service rating still stands.

Expert:  Rich replied 4 years ago.
Hello. I do not understand the low rating . I did not have an opportunity to try and answer or resolve your situation. I send you a request for more information and asked about a few of the obvious possibilities.
It seems that you had little intention of wanting me to try and solve the problem .
You put the question on chat. Then went away and did not participate at all. Only came back looking to critisize what i offered as posibilities. This is a forum. Not a one shot answer site. There is no situation that can be solved in one thought. This forum is for an exchange between you and an expert to discover the problem and work out how to fix it
We have no eyes on your situation. That is why we ask questions to find out what is going on and work out how to fix it. This can only happen if there is an ongoing exchange between you and the expert. Resolution will not happen if you just dump your question and then expect to have no more to do with it.
I am sorry that you feel unfulfilled by our chat. But you did not contribute in the chat to help me help you. Without your continued participation there cannot be a resolution. If you want help to resolve the situation with your garage door then lets chat about it and work out the possibilities.

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