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What is the best treatment and yard control that is homeopathy

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What is the best treatment and yard control that is homeopathy like that lasts, and truly works for fleas and ticks. Also my dogs are allergic to fleas what treatment is there for this.

Rich :

Hello .. Rich here .. lest see if I can help you with this

Rich :

we used to use bakers yeast to repel the fleas from our pets .. I do not know how or why it works .. but feeding them a bit of the block yeast periodically does keep the fleas off them

Rich :

for the yard you can use Ivory detergent in a hose end sprayer .. and spray the yard .. also a good repellant / killer is diatomacious earth, pool filter product. sprinkle it all over the yard


Thank you I wil surely try these options...praying it works for my dogs, they are my babies.

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