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Door chime Model JSJS-203We have recently put in this

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Door chime Model JSJS-203

We have recently put in this door chime. It has 4 chime options. When our door bell rings, the doorbell over the road chimes a Twinkle twinkle little star chime ( not on our selection) and it is ruining neighbour relations. Similarly when his door bell rings, we get our Westminster chime (not the one we selected).
Why is this happening and what can we do


Hello .. Rich here .. this sounds like a disturbing situation

I am assuming that these chimes are wireless

and the same model chime .. seems like the signals are getting crossed

How old is the home ? are you in a development ?

How long have you had the chime . what about the neighbor ?

what is the make and model of the chime ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Model JS JS 203 - Siemens 4 option chimes - wireless. Home is over 70 years old. No development. Chime has been in place for one week only in our house.


Neighbour's model Volex accessories JS JS- 201 - they have had it for 5 years at least



Well .. I am thinking that one of the best solutions here would be for you to return that new chime and get a different model or brand .. maybe a different brand would have a different wireless frequency and not interfere with the neighbors chime
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Mm.. Is there no explanation for this. I have spoken to a friend who knew that the problem existed. Would it be possible to swap the back door bell to the front?

How do you tell what the wireless frequency is? Cos I could get a different brand and it could have the same problem

I am not sure if swapping the back and front would relieve the problem

I think that the two chimes may have the same radio transmitter com[ponent6 and the signal is being picked up by both houses

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