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GARAGE DOOR OPENER My Stanley Lightmaker Model 6500 garage

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GARAGE DOOR OPENER My Stanley Lightmaker Model 6500 garage door opener stopped working (after a thunderstorm?) Neither the remote or wall switch work. It receives power OK. The light goes on and off when the light switch cord is pulled. A visual inspection with the cover removed did not show me any indication of damage or wiring problems. How can I further troubleshoot the opener? Could it be just the motor or capacitor? Is there a curcuit or wiring diagram that would help? Where can I buy parts if they are needed? If the receiver is damaged can it be bypassed and the opener be controlled with the wall switch? Bill F.
Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be helping you today.

Sorry to hear about your garage door opener.

The logic board is most likely fried if lightning hit your house or created a power outage. You will typically just hear a clicking or hear nothing when you try to operate the door and nothing will move.

The logic boards are highly sensitive to power surges and they have soldered electrical connections that get burnt. I have seen others that know a little about circuitry and soldering, fix their boards in the past. If you feel confident doing this you can search the board for burnt solder connections and resolder them.

If you are not comfortable with this, then unfortunately a new board averages around $70. If your opener is older than 10 years I recommend just putting that money towards a new opener and not replace the existing logic board.

I would also purchase a surge protector made for garage door openers and this will help protect the logic board in the future.

All of these items can be purchased on an online parts website for garage doors. I'm not here to boost any sites sales so I will just advise that you do a simple search. The more reputable ones will appear first. When ordering, you will just need to have your make and model number available.

Sorry for the bad news.

PLEASE READ BEFORE RATING MY ANSWER: Your final rating of my answer carries a lot of weight. It effects my overall ratings and I am dedicated to give you the most accurate and complete answer possible, based on the information you provided me. Please rate my answer fairly and if you are not satisfied with any part of my answer, please let me know so that I can clarify and have you leave here satisfied with your experience.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

In all fairness the answers given by Brian was probably the only one he could have given, but it did not fix the problem. Because it did not fix the problem and did not provide the source for a wiring diagram, I do not choose to pay the $15 charge. It was unclear at the end of the session how to stop any payment. At the start of the session it stated that payment would be optional. The end of the session offered memberships and payments only, no other options were available. Please cancel my $15 payment. Bill F.order# 13010363-67

Bill, I'm sorry you were not happy with the answer. I am 99% sure it is the answer to your problem. If you would like a refund you will need to contact customer service. Have a great night and good luck with it.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Brian: I do appreciate your advice and will not dispute the rating given or the $15 charge. I'm sure that you put much thought and effort in preparing your answer. It is just that I do not feel that recommending a new unit is a "fix." I had hoped for more help in finding a wiring diagram. Bill F.

I understand Bill.

Sometimes the cost to repair an existing opener comes close to the cost of a new opener and that is when I recommend a new opener. Especially when an existing opener is older than 10 years old and needs a major part replacement.

The advantage of a new opener is you get todays latest technology and safety features.

I searched everywhere for a wiring diagram for your model, but they just don't exist and I'm assuming because of the age of the opener.

Good luck with it and have a great day!