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Rich03dungo,Here is the finished product. Does it look

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Rich03dungo,Here is the finished product. Does it look correct?
Ya .,. that looks right .. i see the wire nuts ok .. but what is under the wire nuts .. I see something black like tape ../. or am I looking at bare wires ????
in the future if you have follow up questions , then try and log onto the original question thread .. thanks
oh .. also to be code compliant the box should be secured to tyhe structure somehow .. sheetrock screw thru a hole in the bottom will work and of course a cover plate when you are done n
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I understand. New user.It's electrical tape since the wires are so old.
but just confirm that the wire nuts are installed on the bare ends of the wires and not engaged on the tape
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Theoretical question. I understand that a hot and neutral are used for a load. (Such as a light bulb) Since I'm putting the hot to neutral why at the end of the next metal clad wire isn't hot then white and black then neutral? Thanks again
Oh .. did not catch that you cross wired the cables
the elecvtricity does not really care whjat color the wire is
the reason to keep the colors mstrasight is for safety
there is less danger of getting shocked when you wire white/white and black/black
When you test the wires it is dificult to tell from testing which wire is actually the neutral wire
usually the wires are tested against a ground top determine which wire is actually the neutral , since it is connected to the ground at the panel it will not show power if teasted against a ground source such as the metal cladding on the cable
if this has not answered your inquiry please try and explain what it is you are asking me
Rich and other Home Improvement Specialists are ready to help you